The 10 things you need to know about Google Penguin 4.0 – Econsultancy (blog)

The 10 things you need to know about Google Penguin 4.0
Econsultancy (blog)
Once a webmaster considerably improved their site and its presence on the internet, many of Google's algorithms would take that into consideration very fast, but others, like Penguin, needed to be refreshed. With this change, Penguin's data is

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How Twitter’s New Character Limit Affects You

For virtually as long as Twitter has been around, its devotees have been doomed to express everything that’s on their minds in 140-characters or less.

While this is one of the things so many people love about Twitter – its expediency and brevity – it’s also been a massive source of frustration for many users, enough that some people have migrated away from the platform for social sites that allow long-form content.

We recently received some big news that’s going to change the way you use Twitter forever: the 140-character limit is dead.

Kind of.

I know, I know: there’s been some rumbling about whether this was going to happen for months now but, on Sept. 19, Twitter officially announced that it would no longer count videos, polls, quoted tweets, or quotes against the 140-character limit.

While this change has some all aflutter, it’s being met with excitement throughout the marketing community in general.

Read on to learn more about this significant shift, and what it means for your online interactions.

Why Did Twitter Change the Character Limit?

First of all, let’s get one thing straight: Twitter hasn’t done away with its character limit altogether, it’s just stopped certain things from counting against it.

Before this change, adding a photo to your Tweet would eat up your available characters in a hurry. After the change, though, this type of media doesn’t impact your character count, which makes for longer, more engaging, more content-dense tweets.

Back in May, Twitter announced on its blog that it would roll something like this out in the coming months, saying that they wanted their users to “be able to do even more” on the platform.  On Sept. 19, Twitter announced the full roll-out with a tweet.

Users responded favorably, and, although many are still calling for “edit” features, it’s clear that this move was a step by the company to start offering a more favorable, long-form, interactive platform for social sharing.

What has Changed in the Twitterverse?

The change includes media, retweets (although this update has yet to be fully rolled out), quotes, and replies. Here’s a basic breakdown of how each feature has shifted under the most recent update:

  • Tweet replies: This is the one update of the package that’s not yet fully rolled out. When it is, though, every time you reply to a tweet the @Name portion of your response won’t count toward your character limit. Designed to help users have more in-depth conversations with one another, this is a welcome change.
  • Media: Twitter’s character limit changes mean that any URL produced by attaching a photo, poll, quoted tweet or video won’t count toward your overall character limit. Keep in mind, though, that if you paste a URL inside the body of the tweet, it will count just like it always has.
  • Retweets: Twitter announced back in May that it had plans to add a retweet button to your own tweets. This makes sharing your content more than once simple and allows you to re-broadcast your most popular tweets.
  • Goodbye, @name: Today, tweets that start with a @name will reach all of your followers, not just the person to whom you’re replying. For even more exposure, just retweet your answers to make sure all of your followers have access to them.

5 Tips to Make Twitter’s Character Limit Change Work for You

Twitter’s character limit shifts mean big things for savvy marketers, and these five tips can help you get the most out of the new standards:

1. Pepper your tweets with quality visuals

While visual content has been exploding everywhere else in social media, it’s been a little tough to use on Twitter – until now. Since media attachments no longer count toward the 140-character limit, go crazy including videos and images. According to Twitter’s own research, adding a photo to your tweets can boost your retweet rate by 35%.

2. Stop using the @name convention to connect with your followers

Before Twitter rolled these changes out, the only way to reply directly to another user was to begin a Tweet with the @name convention.

Luckily, the recent changes mean that there’s no need to do that any longer. This makes the platform more streamlined and allows for conversations that are wider-reaching and easier to follow.

3.  Dig deeper with your Twitter counterparts

While Twitter has had some rough patches over the last few years, it’s working hard to provide a quality platform where people can actually connect. The recent shifts in character limit are a step in the right direction.

Now that so many things don’t count toward your character limit, you can enjoy deeper, more in-depth conversations with your followers and counterparts, which leads to more productive relationships and a better online presence.

4. To popularize your content or create longer tweets, quote yourself

Quoting yourself is a great way to build a longer tweet. Since quoted tweets don’t count toward character limit, you can drastically expand your space with this simple trick.

5. Use multimedia to provide more information

Since things like @name no longer count toward the character limit, you can use all of your 140-characters to respond or reach out to another user, and then beef that response up with the help of a GIF or accompanying video.

Twitter’s Future Looks Bright!

Twitter has been through some growing pains in recent years, but the company’s recent character limit changes are nothing but good news for the platform itself, as well as its users.

In addition to allowing for more in-depth conversation, these shifts also remove some of Twitter’s most confusing features, and make the platform easier to interact with – and that’s a fantastic change for everyone! Now’s the time, more than ever, to start interacting on social media and up your game.


Julia McCoy is a bestselling author of So You Think You Can Write, podcaster and an expert content marketer. She’s also the founder and CEO of Express Writers, a leading online content creation agency, with more than 60 content writers and strategists. Julia leads her team to serve hundreds of worldwide businesses with the highest-quality content for their online presence. Follow Julia’s blog.

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JM Internet Group Announces Updated 2016 SEO Book Just in Time for Fall – HTML Goodies

JM Internet Group Announces Updated 2016 SEO Book Just in Time for Fall
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Currently, V8 does not have an interpreter. Instead, initial execution JavaScript code is first parsed and compiled into an unoptimized state. Because of the way the parser and compilers work together, some code is later parsed two or even three times.

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Confirmed Yahoo Hack Could Be the Largest Ever

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7 Essential Productivity Tools for Content Marketers

Content marketing is a complex activity that includes a lot of processes and tasks. Performing them could be a challenge for many because raising awareness about your brand can be an overwhelming and time-consuming activity.

Fortunately, there are a lot of great productivity tools that can help to achieve your goals faster and increase the impact of your content marketing strategies. Some of them aid in the study of trends and topics while others make your efforts more organized, producing more effective strategies.

Below are seven of the very best content marketing tools.


Even though some marketers disregard the capabilities of e-mail marketing, this strategy still makes a great impact and is a perfect way to connect with the audience. MailChimp is the tool that optimizes and speeds up the e-mail marketing process by performing a variety of functions, such as organizing mailing lists, running e-mail campaigns, tracking answers, and dealing with unsubscribe requests from receivers. It also can be integrated into the blogs so the entries could be sent automatically. Here is the MailChimp Beginner’s Guide for you to get started with the platform.


This is a multi-functional content marketing tool that can optimize your efforts by providing just about any kind of analytics and statistics regarding the social media accounts of your company or brand. You can create a single dashboard with all the stats and analyze what posts generate the most responses and conversations, thus shaping more effective strategies. Cyfe also allows integration with Google Docs, which can be used to add notes and make reports.


If you struggle with coming up with the ideas for your content, Feedly is the right tool for you. It provides the user with the place to gather and review all the content that can inspire you to generate some ideas. The app invites you to subscribe to the feeds on the topics of choice and organize them to create a truly personalized experience of the fresh content. Have a look at what’s trending and come up with your own, even better ideas for content. Take a look at this Feedly Guide from MakeUseof to get started.


This tool enhances the productivity of content managers by eliminating the need for editorial calendars and providing a single platform where you can create, plan, and schedule posts in social media. It has the function of connecting to the WordPress Dashboard, which makes it easy to integrate with your admin panel. Coschedule is great because it enables users to do a lot of things in the same place, thus optimizing the effort and enhancing the productivity.


Want to know what topics and trends will rule the social media conversations tomorrow or next week? That’s totally possible now with an awesome tool called Trendspottr. It provides you with an opportunity to monitor the emerging trends across various social media platforms, such as hot topics, top influencers, and rising hashtags. According to Matt Spenser, the head of the marketing department at custom writing company Proessaywriting, this tool gives you a competitive advantage because you will get in at the start of trends and use them to promote their posts.


Even though this app’s primary objective is notes, it can be used for various content marketing purposes as well. This Content Marketing Institute article reveals that it can be a tool for research, blog post ideas, keeping a list of ideas, drafting of blog posts, and saving status updates. That’s quite a list for a note-taking app, right? Moreover, it is compatible with all existing device platforms, including PC, Mac, iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile, which allows keeping on top of the content regardless of the location and device you have in use.


The last tool on our list may appear to be just another hashtag analytics tool but it is not exactly true. It helps the user to track the hashtags in real time, thus identifying the most popular posts that can be used for further work. Also, the platform is useful for re-tweeting, replying, commenting, liking, blocking offensive content, selecting the best posts right from a single dashboard. For premium subscription, Tagboard provides broadcast tools that can be used for live events on television.


These tools allow your content marketing routine to become much easier and more enjoyable because they bring you closer to the real interaction in social media and provide you with an insightful approach to a content marketing strategy. Remember, no professional is complete without a set of tools to help and these ones might be a good fit for your own toolkit.


Tom Jager is a professional blogger based in London. He covers topics related to digital marketing, blogging, social media and business in general. He is always seeking new ways professional and personal growth.

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NJIT Engineering Online

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It Requires an Incredible Team to Make Your Website a Place Where Customers Want to Visit

You think that you have got a fantastic conventional retail store. Nevertheless, it really is difficult to get to everyone using a solitary store. You do have a internet site, however these days you have been questioning when it’s performing a superior job getting to people. You think this because if you give a customer, which appears inconclusive your small business card they seem a lot less than excited. Over and over again you’ve seen the client drop the card in their handbag being aware of it could be thown away. This should actually be a warning sign to your internet business that it really needs eCommerce Website Management to get the internet site up to par.

In case a web site is challenging to understand, is actually obsolete in their visual appeal or possibly has stability problems clients are about to take one look go somewhere else. They’ll get away even when you possess the goods they’re seeking. The web is a big place and prospective customers won’t wait to search for what they desire and leave your web site powering. Thankfully there are eCommerce Solutions which will make your internet site attention grabbing and also lucrative. They will see to it that the internet site is fashioned with the consumer in view. It will become straightforward to find their way and thus an easy task to purchase items. When you need internet internet site to make money, then you’ve got to have a great web site and wonderful makers to help you get there.

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Google’s iOS search app can unlock your incognito mode private searches using Touch ID.

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