How Cloud Computing Can Boost SEO

Cloud computing is still in its infancy stage, despite the service having been around for quite some time. Not much is known about the platform and there are no clear set rules on how to optimize your business with this service. Even so, it is important to note that cloud computing can help immensely with search engine optimization. Cloud hosting can help even more.

Just recently, cloud hosting has made it to the list of SEO tips you need to succeed online. If you are wondering how this service can optimize your website for search, there are two crucial points you need to understand about the importance of cloud hosting.

1. Improved Page Load Speed

Search engines and, more specifically, Google, have included a website’s load speed to its search algorithm. Although this is not a critical factor in determining the ranking of a website, very slow loading websites are more likely to lose points with search engines. Visitors may also choose to close websites that take more than five seconds to load.

The goal of Google is to improve user experience. One of the things Google does is to look at the load speed of a website. A slow loading website is not popular with users and Google does not give such sites priority. According to research from Strangeloop, a one second delay in load time can lead to 11 percent fewer page views and a decrease of 16 percent in customer satisfaction.

Needless to say, the load speed of a webpage is very important to Internet users and has the potential of impacting SEO results. The cloud eliminates most of the limitations that cause a website to load slowly. Cloud hosting works by putting your website in multiple locations around the world, thereby speeding up the load speed because users will be redirected to the server that is nearest to them.

In addition to that, cloud hosting will eliminate the issues associated with server overstrain when there is a traffic spike. Yes, you might end up paying more for this service, but its returns will be worth the investment. Your website will slow down or stop responding.

2. Better Mobile Friendliness


Thanks to improved wireless technology when it comes to Internet connections and better mobile devices, more people are opting to access the Internet using their mobile devices. Users have moved from laptops/desktops to handheld devices. This has paved way for new challenges for the webmasters who have to cater to both desktop and Smartphone users.

Although what you need is a responsive website for it to be desktop and mobile friendly, you also have to make sure that it performs well and loads fast. This is where cloud computing comes in. When compared to other hosting options, cloud hosting gives better uptime, hence the improved performance on mobile phones. Considering about 50 percent of global mobile owners use their handheld devices to access the Internet, you cannot afford not to make your website mobile friendly.

The key advantage of cloud computing when it comes to hosting is the scalability and reliability. It eliminates the threat of downtime and poor performance. All in all, simply switching to cloud computing is not the only thing that you need to excel in SEO. There are a couple of things you have to do to improve your ranking.

• Establish plurality presence 

When it comes to online marketing, you should not just rely on one channel to promote your brand. You need to use as many channels as you can. For example, just because you have an excellent presence on Facebook does not mean you don’t need Twitter and Pinterest. The more channels you use to promote your brand the more visibility you will have.

When promoting your content, use as many channels as you can. In addition to having a presence on major social networking sites, you will also need a blog and some presence on YouTube. Make sure you can be found in as many platforms as possible. To boost your SEO results, link back to your website. This will give you quality backlinks that are essential for improving your search engine ranking.

• Optimize content for individual channels 

A common mistake that people make when it comes to search engine optimization is that of assuming that the same content will do well on all channels. Every platform has unique rules that have to be followed to get your content indexed. It is only by following the guidelines closely that you will achieve what you want and reap more of cloud computing benefits.

• Focus on Usability 


Just because you are using cloud hosting does not mean you don’t have to pay much attention to the visual appeal and usability of your website. Cloud hosting only makes it easier and more reliable to access your website. It is your duty to make sure that your site is not filled with clutter and that it is navigable. If your visitors cannot find their way around your site with ease, they will click away and you will lose valuable business.

• Brand Your Content 

It is common for webmasters to focus too much on branding their platform to the extent of forgetting about the quality and type of their content. One crucial point you have to remember at all times is that content is king. It is what determines whether a visitor will do business with you or not. Therefore, you should not pay so much attention to how your website looks that you forget about the quality of your content. It is also the quality of your content that really affects SEO.

As you have seen, cloud computing can help boost SEO. However, it is imperative that you be very keen when hiring a hosting company. There are many service providers out there, but not all of them will help you achieve your goals. Therefore, focus on companies that have a proven track record and ones that offer the most comprehensive and reliable cloud hosting services.


Lalit Sharma is a SEO consultant who runs a SEO house called Ranking By SEO. He is specialized in link building and other SEO related activities. You can also find him on Twitter, Google+ and his personal blog.

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What Yogi-isms Can Teach You About Marketing

It never ceases to amaze me how often business people use oxymoronic statements as part of their marketing philosophy. We often accept this kind of language as normal speech. Take for example “least effort most gained.”


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Actually, the only time that the “least effort could produce the most gained is if more effort was misplaced.  There are hundreds of these phrases — for example; clearly misunderstood, act naturally, seriously funny, definite maybe and many more. Not all the statements in this category are necessarily moronic. My favorite sayings come from a much-beloved character who played baseball for the Yankees as well as managing the Yankees and the Mets. His name is Yogi Berra, and many of the sayings that came out of his mouth were just as profound as they were oxymoronic. I often think about some of his sayings when people ask me a question about their marketing strategies. In this episode of Working the Web to Win, I am going to use a number of Yogi’s quotes to make important points regarding how business people often go astray when making their marketing plans. So without further ado, let’s take a look at my favorite Yogi-isms and how I see them relating to marketing strategy.

When you come to a fork in the road, take it.

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Many of the business people who come to us do so because they are lost. What I mean by this is that they try things without really giving the marketing process any serious thought. They will run a pay per click campaign, TV, Radio or newspaper ad because they heard it could produce results. Often they hear this either from a sales rep or worse second had from a business associate. This type of marketing is no different than gambling. Effective marketing requires effort, thoughtfulness and lots of testing. Preferably strong A-B testing. This is true whether you’re talking about a website, TV spot, or newspaper article. The messages, images, call to action and offer need to be thoroughly tested. The truth is if you don’t plan, you plan to fail. If you have no goal, any result will do. If you don’t know where you’re going, any path will take you there. So when you come to the fork in the road, don’t just take it – put forth a real effort to succeed. Do your planning and testing first and then pick your road. You will also do better and your bank account will appreciate it.

You can observe a lot by just watching.


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Often we have new clients come to use with little or no knowledge of how their marketing is performing. This is not just TV, Radio, Billboard or print advertising that I am talking about. It’s also true of their Internet marketing. This really seems so crazy because the main reason for using Internet marketing is that you can track almost any action that takes place. I know most use it because most of the fish are biting on the Internet, but engaging in online marketing without setting up tracking and analytics is suicidal. Even old school analog marketing can employ tracking. For example, your TV, Radio or Print ad could drive people to a URL, or have a special phone number, or special coupon code. I even see many TV and print ads using QR codes to drive people to special landing pages that track leads and sales. All the top social media sites have built in tracking and analytics both for their organic traffic and their pay per click ads. The truth is, most small businesses just don’t take the time to observe what the traffic is doing. Most of their decisions are made by guessing or feeling and emotions instead of “just watching” what they really need to see. Yes, you can learn a lot by observing if you take the time to just watch!

It ain’t over till it’s over.

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Marketing is a lengthy game. If a person commits to success, takes the time to learn what is needed, and then takes the time to plan and execute that plan, they will win a lot of campaigns. The game isn’t over until you quit. Quitting is not an option for any businessperson who wants to be successful. This doesn’t mean that sometimes you have to abandon faulty ideas, products or services. The truth is, you have to adapt and evolve because our world evolves.  Businesses evolve, the competition evolves, and the rules change. This forces you to adapt. Change your methods, your goals and strategies. Your business and marketing plans must evolve if you wish to win the game. But make no mistake, marketing and business are a long game, and it ain’t over till you say it’s over.

It’s like déjà vu all over again.

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An odd thing my business partner, Carl, and I see is business people making the same mistakes over and over again. It’s as if they are stuck in some kind of loop. I’ve seen successful business owners spend $15,000 to $20,000 month after month on a marketing campaign like pay per click, even though they aren’t getting a reasonable return on their investment. What’s even crazier is that this type of marketing doesn’t normally come with a long-term commitment. They can quit at any time. When asked why they continue to throw money at marketing that is not working, the owner will usually say something like “it used to work well’ or “I need to stay in the public eye or the phone won’t ring at all”. The reality is that marketing can be an objective endeavor. You can take advantage of the trends you see over and over again. On top of that, you can learn to see the trends if you are using the tools available to track these trends. Use your tracking and analytics to find trends and take advantage of them. You will be glad you did, and you too will be saying it’s like déjà vu all over again all the way to the bank.

No one goes there nowadays. It’s too crowded.

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Marketing, in many ways, is like a war and you can use battle strategies to win campaigns. One of our favorite strategies is hit them where they ain’t. Many marketing venues are crowded with competitors. This is true for word of mouth marketing as well as Internet and old school analog TV, radio, billboard or print. If you’re going to a face to face networking event and you have more than one competitor there, your chances of successfully reaching your goals are much harder to achieve. It’s an uphill battle because you have to differentiate yourself and also get all the other element’s right as well (message, call to action, imagery, offer etc.). Here are the facts. If your primary competition is strong in pay per click, you need to be in organic search. If your competition is strong in organic search for their website only, you need to concentrate on producing high-quality videos, blogs, and social posts so that you will be strong where they aren’t. A great byproduct of this strategy is that well-optimized videos, blogs, and shared social posts can show up in organic search on page one – especially if optimized for long-tail keywords. Fighting a strong opponent in a crowded marketing medium is not a strategy for success. If you win, it will cost you two to ten times as much as hitting them where they ain’t. Beat the competition by avoiding a crowded marketplace. Be the smart business owner who knows not to go where it’s too crowded.

Never answer an anonymous letter.

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If you use e-mail marketing, make sure your e-mails are going to opt-in groups. Sending email blasts and newsletters to people who don’t know you will only get you in trouble. It’s against the law to send an email to unsolicited people. It’s called spam. Even though spam abuse is widespread, it’s no excuse for any business owner to use it as a marketing practice. This is especially true since you have lots of options for doing email marketing correctly. You can buy opt-in lists, you can build them yourself by asking for email addresses in your promotions. Heck, often time all you have to do is ask. Most retailers now ask for your zip code and email address. Most people will cough up an email address if they feel they will get something of value in return. It’s up to you to make sure you provide that value. No one wants to be spammed and most will never answer an email from someone they don’t know.

A nickel ain’t worth a dime anymore.

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Your nickel ain’t worth a dime anymore. Heck, a dime ain’t worth a dime anymore either. Every year marketing costs keep going up. AdWords campaigns become more competitive driving cost up. As old school marketing shares shrink they cause TV, radio, and print advertising costs to go up. Inflation causes advertising to go up. The rules keep changing which raises the cost of labor, which increases the cost of social media marketing. This forces smart business owners to explore new marketing venues looking for bargains. This is where a dime will be worth a dime and in some cases two nickels. Make sure you get competitive bids from competing vendors. Go through the trouble of comparing the costs of different media venues. If you don’t have time to do this, get an agent of record and let them do it for you. If you want your money’s worth, make sure you’re getting two nickels for every dime you spend.

Baseball is 90 percent mental and the other half is physical

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When t comes to marketing, it is 90 percent planning and the rest is execution. You need to think first, test your message, discover what works and then execute it over and over again. If you haven’t gone through the exercise of testing the message, images, call to action, offer and the media you are going to employ, then you’re just swinging at every pitch. As in baseball, understanding the fundamentals is important. You also have to acquire specific skills. Most of these skills require you to learn some type of technical platform, like AdWords, Facebook Ad manager, or Google analytics. You also need to understand design, layout or programming skills such as HTML or CSS. Not having learned these skills or acquired the specific marketing knowledge puts you at a distinct disadvantage. Don’t expect to hit a homerun until you master these skills. Business and marketing are games of skill. Most of your success will come from your mental efforts, the other half is just physical.

Somebody’s gotta win, somebody’s gotta lose, just don’t fight about it. Just get better.

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As I said above, marketing is a lengthy game. You have to have the stamina to stay in the fight long enough to figure out what really works, to practice your trade, perfect your product, pitch and message. Somebody will win, somebody will lose. Concentrate on getting better. You will learn a lot more from your mistakes than from your successes. Be ready to go the distance, because somebody is going to win and it might as well be you, but only if you’re willing to get better.

This article has included several of my favorite Yogi-isms that are analogies to common marketing mistakes many business owners often make. These analogies will help the reader avoid these common mistakes and will help them be more successful in their marketing efforts. The nine Yogi-isms used will teach the reader what behaviors to avoid and what marketing methods to adopt in specific business situations.


Hector Cisneros is the president and COO for W Squared Media Group LLC. A digital Marketing Agency in the N.E. Florida Area. He is also the co-host of the BlogTalkRadio Show Working The Web To Win. W Squared Media also does Business as Working The Web To Win online and in Florida.

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Catching Customers: How Pokemon Go Players Engage With Business


Infographic Courtesy of: Slant Marketing

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Video is King, But for How Long?

Video content is booming. Facebook certainly seems to be mesmerized by the opportunities such content holds, and it has focused its efforts on exploring video’s benefits. Consequently, the social media platform was recently invaded by live videos and 360° videos.  It seems like the competition is heating up between the network and YouTube, the titan of video content.


All the numbers point in one direction, and that is that video is the king of online content at this moment. But, if you think that the rise of video will cut you some slack as a marketer (one minute of video is equal to 1.8 million words as told by Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research), think again. There are some signs that not everybody notices, which tell you that you should prepare for some serious side-effects triggered by mass video content.

Video Content Eats Your Budget Up

Producing original and quality video content doesn’t come cheap. You need a team of professionals behind any one-minute video to provide fresh new scripts, expensive recording equipment, actors, editors, etc. All of these requirements for a one-minute clip will make your pocket lighter by up to $500. Is it really worth it?

The popular news website Upworthy is going to extremes to keep up with video demands. It has recently departed from 14 of its 97 employees in order to shift the financial resources toward their video department. Letting go of some loyal employees seems rather a desperate sacrifice made for only one aspect of business. In addition, the company recently received funds that are worth $12 million and these resources will also support video production.

The same path towards video content has been taken by other huge companies like Yahoo, BuzzFeed and Mashable. However, is this 100 percent dedication to video content really good for a business?

ROI and Profit Disagree with Video Content

A massive effort is put in for just a one-minute video clip, and things should get easier from now on, right? Wrong again.  Dropping your new content on social media is not enough.

It’s true that Facebook is the best when it comes to marketing secrets and will bring you the exposure you didn’t dare to dream of before. However, the impact a video triggers is difficult to project as a reliable source of revenue. The ROI after uploading an expensive video is heading more and more towards the negative side, and there are some good reasons behind this.

Facebook’s News Feed has been overloaded with video content, and the quality of your video won’t guarantee its success. The attention span for films is starting to decrease, which represents a risk for any company, no matter how big it is.

Most of the people are looking for fast ways to get updated to the latest news or small but concentrated bits of entertainment. This fact can get the long, even though well-researched, videos that present the values of a company to result in negative ROI.

When people are looking for information, they prefer written content. They can read a text in their own way (like using Morgan Freeman’s voice as a narrator!) whereas a video can prove to be a tiresome source of information with a style and pace that is not to the fancy of everyone. Plus, it’s easier to focus on the parts they need in an article rather than wait for the narrator of the video to get to the parts that holds their interest.

The market is already saturated with this kind of content. Plus, besides the quality of the video, the success also depends on the time of the day the viewers find the video, and what kind of video they are in the mood for, which in other words is “pure luck” for marketers.

Stay Ahead of the Game

Striking a balance is key with video content. By all means, take advantage of the popularity of video as much as you can. However, the best recipe for a successful post is blending all the three attention-grabbing types of content: text, image, and video.

Whenever you provide an informational video content, the trick is to share the video together with its transcript. This way, you will get the best of both worlds, and you will also let SEO get your content on the very first page of a Google search.

In the end, it doesn’t matter if text, image or video wins the day. What is important is for you to deliver quality and useful content to your target audience, and avoid the short but cheap success a replicated story brings.


Dustin Ford is a Colorado-based writer and a contributing editor at Tech Exploring. He is deeply fascinated with everything that has to do with personal branding, online marketing, technology, and gadgets.

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Apple Creating iOS App to Push Social Agenda

Apple is reportedly building a video sharing and editing application as the company looks for a foothold in the world of social media.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is in the process of testing an app that enables iPhone and iPad users to record video and use filters on their content, much like one can with Snapchat.

Sources told Bloomberg Apple’s plans are “part of a newly directed focus to integrate social networking applications within Apple’s mobile products and are a response to the success of social media-focused companies” like Facebook and Snapchat.

The app, according to the report, is being designed for one-handed use and will be quick and easy to use with the functionality for videos to be shot, edited and posted in less than 60 seconds.

Sources said the design includes an Instagram-esque square shape for videos as well as the ability to send clips to friends or other social media sites.

If the app has been named, that piece of information has eluded Bloomberg’s sources, but they did say that the team that brought us Final Cut Pro and iMovie are designing it.

The report indicates Apple is planning a 2017 launch for the app that will be paired with new social integration for the iPhone and possibly other iOS products.

Not surprisingly, Apple has refused to comment on the rumors.


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Google Adds a Little Fun to Search

solitaireHave some spare time?

Google Search can help you out.

Simply type solitaire or tic-tac-toe in and a playable game will pop up.

Both games are available on desktop and in the Google app.

“It’s been said solitaire’s roots are in fortune telling. If that’s true, today your fate rests on your quick wit and the luck of the draw. When you search for “solitaire” on Google, the familiar patience game may test yours,” Google said in a blog post.

“If you’re looking for something a bit simpler, tic-tac-toe is your best bet. In this game of naughts and crosses, you can select your level of difficulty or even go head to head against a friend. Xs and Os to the winner (hugs and kisses, that is).”

If neither of those games is your thing, you can amuse yourself by asking Google questions like: Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 7.11.17 PMwhat sound does a pig make?”

Another option is to flip a digital coin, whether you’re looking to settle a bet or just kill a few spare moments.

Google said these are “just a sample of the delightful surprises” it has in store for its search users. So, who knows what else you may discover.



Jennifer Cowan is the Managing Editor for SiteProNews.

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WhatsApp to Share User Info With Facebook

WhatsApp will soon be sharing user data with its parent company, Facebook.

The change comes as the social network revamps its privacy policy to enable businesses to communicate directly with users of the platform.

“People use our app every day to keep in touch with the friends and loved ones who matter to them, and this isn’t changing. But as we announced earlier this year, we want to explore ways for you to communicate with businesses that matter to you too, while still giving you an experience without third-party banner ads and spam,” WhatsApp said in a blog post.

“Whether it’s hearing from your bank about a potentially fraudulent transaction, or getting notified by an airline about a delayed flight, many of us get this information elsewhere, including in text messages and phone calls. We want to test these features in the next several months, but need to update our terms and privacy policy to do so.”

The newly updated policy reveals that users’ phone number, profile name and photo, online status, last seen status and receipts will be shared. Content of messages will not be shared.

Users do have an opt-out option available to them, however, by going to Settings > Account to choose not to share their info with Facebook.

Users can get a step-by-step walk-through here.


Jennifer Cowan is the Managing Editor for SiteProNews.

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Case Study: My Experience With Services

Getting To Know The Advantages Of Windows Web Hosting It is during the recent years that web hosting has become more and more popular. It is very important for most people to have their very own web space. For you to have a large number of hosting platform, all you need to have is these various operating systems. But most of the time, it is the Windows server that takes most of the share. The things ta Windows server has to offer are high level of security, smooth integration, application compatibility, single point of control. It has certainly become the best dedicated server. It even empowers some of the biggest sites. There are a number of Windows application that is use worldwide when you are talking about web hosting. In order for these web applications to work, most of them are based on Windows. That is why it’s important to run applications that is based on Windows. When we are talking about database support, then Windows has proven that it is far more better than ten others. It is much faster to do database support works when using Windows. Web design software has also been used by a lot of sites all over the world. It is sometimes a requirement for most sites to be run on Windows platform web hosting.
A 10-Point Plan for Webhosting (Without Being Overwhelmed)
It is only through Windows web hosting that will serve as your platform in managing your content in your website. The database application can also be access through Windows. Different types of hosting has been supported by windows since it was launch.
Experts – My Most Valuable Advice
The DotNetPanel is considered as the best admin panels in the industry and comes as a default for Windows. This feature will allow you to manage your applications. And the process is very easy as all of the Windows applications. You only need a single code in order to operate the website. In order to get the best security and the best traffic skills, you need to get Windows as you server. It is in Windows that you get the capability of handling heavy traffics. It can also save you site from malicious attacks. Other people might think that there are more cheaper alternatives than Windows. But it us the licensing and the updates of Windows that users are still in the game. Easier resolutions when it comes to glitches is what Windows are known for. By doing so, there is stronger security and the downtime is recovered. If you go for cheap alternatives, then you will not be able to get these advance features. Just to have a peace of mind, clients are willing to pay extra. In your web hosting needs. Windows is definitely there to provide you with various solutions.

Amazon Debuts Hub to Help Users Buy Right Vehicle

Amazon has debuted a community platform to aid car shoppers in the research and comparison of vehicles.

Dubbed Amazon Vehicles, the new hub is described as a “car research destination and automotive community” that offers up information on vehicles, parts and accessories.

Amazon_Vehicles_-_Jeep_Wrangler_-_DesktopUsing the platform, users can look up specifications, images, videos, and customer reviews for thousands of cars, trucks and SUVs both new and old.

As Amazon put it, “everything from the 2016 Jeep Wrangler and 2014 Tesla Model S to the 2000 Chevrolet Corvette and 1965 Ford Mustang” will be included on the site.

“Our goal is to support customers during one of the most important, research-intensive purchases in their lives by helping them make informed decisions every step of the way,” director of automotive Adam Goetsch said in a press release.

“Amazon Vehicles is a great resource for customers who are interested in car information or looking for a broad selection of parts and accessories – all enhanced by the ability to tap into the knowledge, opinions, and experiences of other car owners within the Amazon customer community.”

Aside from searching for specs and images, users of the hub will have access to “tens of thousands of customer reviews” and will even be able to ask specific car owners questions about their vehicles. For instance, “How does this car perform in the snow?” or “Is the trunk space adequate for a family’s needs?”

Amazon Vehicles is an extension of the Amazon Automotive store.

So far, more than 35 million customers have saved their vehicles to the Amazon Garage.


Jennifer Cowan is the Managing Editor for SiteProNews.

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It’s time MQM-P disassociated from its mother party in London – Pakistan Observer

It's time MQM-P disassociated from its mother party in London
Pakistan Observer
Whether this was really true or forged links circulated on the internet, needs to be scrutinized closely, for photo-workshop of computers is now a normal phenomenon. Truth must be found out first for proper and dispassionate analysis. It was also

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