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A Guide to Cheap Hosting Companies Web hosting services used to be quite expensive because, first of all, the initial equipment cost was pricy and similar to computers, only the affluent can afford it. But after these equipment became inexpensive, plus user friendly software that would enable anyone to develop their own website, the whole system of running a website has become a bargain. This of course includes hosting. You can still find web hosting services given at higher prices, despite the affordability of equipment and other things. This article will differentiate why some are seemingly overpriced relative to cheap hosting services we find in the market today.
Webhosting Tips for The Average Joe
But before doing that, let me begin by characterizing a strong factor that has taken place in the service industry. Today there is a way that companies offset cost of managing their fixes assets and that is by publicly sharing their assets so that in this way, the expenses of the investment and its maintenance are not all shouldered by them. We see this illustrated that is relative to ‘car rent’ and ‘rent a house’ allusion. It is the concept that you share the use of the facility or pay only for the space that you are utilizing. If you have more rooms for rent then you will receive more revenue and people can benefit from these facilities, and because of competition, the overall rent will become cheaper.
The 10 Most Unanswered Questions about Services
The thing that puzzles most is why there are hosting companies that still seem to be overprized despite the competition. This can simply be explained as a type of marketing strategy to catch a niche market and it is not trying to be aloof. In other words, this is a contradiction to the idea that the more expensive a service is, the better it will serve you. When getting hosting services, it is good to be armed with information so that you can get the best. Clients of web hosting services has many different peculiar needs but the most basic of all is simply connecting your website to the net; other services can be handled by the client himself if he has some technical knowhow or he can hire someone else to do whatever else needs to be done. Technically savvy personal are capable of setting up and managing their own website. Now I hope you see my point. Hosting involve a lot of other complex maintenance that software is not capable of doing, but all of this is dependent on the kind of user you are and the value of that website to your business.

55 Features Every Small Business Website Must Have

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Why Network Monitoring is Important for Your Business

If someone asks “is network monitoring important?” the obvious answer is “yes.” But the answer to “why” is never really discussed. There is a general opinion that network monitoring is important for business health, or to protect your work product, but it is much more than that.

At its core, network monitoring is a methodical approach to identify issues that affect network components, such as server outages, switch failures, or other hardware issues, as well as software maladies like a Trojan executable.

Network monitoring should be extended to not just the “monitoring” of a network for failures, but monitoring network performance as well. This level of monitoring is required 24 hours per day in order to keep the network online, available for use, and well protected.

But Why?

1. Improve Network Security:

The primary reason to develop a network monitoring program is to protect data critical to your business. According to the 2016 Ponemon Cost of Data Breach Study, the average consolidated cost of a data breach is now $4 million.

Regardless of the size of a business, data needs to be protected. Network monitoring provides important background information regarding the sources of all network traffic. By monitoring network traffic on a regular basis, it is much easier to identify dubious network traffic or questionable file activity.

For example, port 443 is incredibly important for secure Web browser communication, such as sending payment on an eCommerce site. Obviously, that information needs to be protected for the sake of both the customer and the business. Ongoing network monitoring will help identify any security issues related to packets sent over the port.

2. Identify Trends: 

Sometimes grouped together with network forensics, a critical look at network monitoring can help identify threats that may not be recognized otherwise. Studies show that many IT professionals use a network forensics solution mainly to identify security threats.

When problems take place intermittently or only at peak times, they may be difficult to identify at the time. However, when ongoing network monitoring is in place, you can follow logs like a roadmap to recognize key trends in performance and network health.

If an organization has adopted the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) framework for best practices, a performance baseline can be compared to ongoing network logs to identify potentially larger issues so admins can have the IT infrastructure running like a Swiss watch.

3. Network Configuration and Future Planning: 

Most network issues come from configuration errors. What may appear to be a minor configuration issue can result in serious network downtime.

For example, if a device takes on the IP of a default gateway or routing device due to a hijacking or setup error, Layer 2 traffic within networks will flow as expected, but packets may be misdirected. Network monitoring can help identify issues such as duplicate IPs and comparing the MAC address with the IP in device routing.

Once the duplicate IP is identified and the issue is corrected, the resolution will be completely tracked within the network monitoring system and the network admin can verify that any future changes do not break anything already working properly.

Network monitoring can also help with forward thinking network plans. As a business grows and adapts to the marketplace, the IT infrastructure must adapt as well.

Significant business growth or a quick addition of employees can strain a network as more devices, network bandwidth, and other resources are needed.

Ongoing monitoring allows IT admins to keep up-to-date on in-use resources and easily identify where growth is needed. Issues such as software licensing and bandwidth bottlenecks can be reviewed as part of a larger plan so the right resources are purchased and installed where they are most needed. This way, if there are capex questions, there is substantiated proof the needed purchases are necessary to handle business growth.

4. Disaster Recovery: 

Every IT department today needs to have a disaster recovery plan. Even the Department of Homeland Security offers guides to IT organizations on disaster recovery strategies for any size business. Coupled with a Business Continuity Plan, disaster recovery needs to include an impact analysis, strategies to get back online, and testing and training on the overall process.

Network monitoring can be a huge help when developing a disaster recovery plan as well as how to get back up and running efficiently. Network monitoring will help identify gaps between a current setup and what is needed. For example, the plan should include regularly scheduled backups from wireless devices, laptop computers, and desktop computers to a network server.

That data can then be backed up and placed either in the cloud or at an off-site location based on the final approved plan. It will also be an important part of the plan framework and a way to also confirm all systems are back up and running as expected.

The key point to remember is almost anything can have a disaster recovery plan. From a system failure to a natural disaster; there should be a plan in place that is understood by everyone who will be part of the recovery team. This type of planning should include not just the IT team, but key business stakeholders in order to understand what functions should be online and available first as opposed to what can be pushed further down in the recovery plan.

Conclusion: These are just a few examples as to why network monitoring is important for every business, regardless of size. Each IT department must look at their own systems and decide what type of network monitoring, and how much, makes the most sense for that specific business. If a company decides against a network monitoring system, they are leaving their whole business at great risk for a variety of different issues.


Doug Nebeker is the owner of Power Admin LLC. Power Admin LLC has been building professional grade system monitoring products for many years.

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Is Influencer Marketing the Future of Marketing?

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Google Hires Airbnb’s Shaun Stewart to ‘Commercialize’ Its Self-Driving Vehicles

Google’s self-driving car department has a new boss.

The tech titan has hired Airbnb executive Shaun Stewart to take over from the project’s chief technical officer Chris Urmson, who left the position earlier this month.

Stewart will answer directly to CEO John Krafcik, who was top boss at Hyundai before coming to oversee the project last September.

According to Reuters, Stewart will be responsible for “commercializing” Google’s self-driving technology. Although no one really knows what exactly that means, Engadget reports that Stewart could work on translating Google’s self-driving technology “into a robotic ride-for-hire service.”

Stewart, it seems,is well suited to his new job. At Airbnb, he was responsible for setting up the company’s vacation rentals business. Before that, he was chief executive of Jetsetter.

Google is likely the company the furthest ahead in the race to get autonomous cars into the hands of consumers, be it through a driving service or by putting autonomous vehicles on the market. It already has more than 50 test vehicles on the road in four U.S. cities: Mountain View, CA, Austin, TX, Kirkland, WA and Metro Phoenix, AZ with more than 1.3 million miles logged.  Google began testing its own self-driving prototypes on California streets last June. Before that the company was testing Lexus prototypes equipped with its software and sensors.

Google has said it hopes to have self-driving cars in the hands of consumers by 2020.


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Engage Your Brand’s Fans Via Instagram Stories – Why Instagram’s New Marketing Feature Beats Snapchat Hands Down

If you’ve been on Instagram lately, you’ve probably noticed a new feature: Instagram Stories.

While this may not seem like anything big, this insidious little feature is poised to take on one of the resident giants of social media: Snapchat. Touted by Joe Pulizzi as “Snapchat for older people,” Instagram Stories is a simple feature that gathers all of an Instagram user’s favorite moment into one, simple place.

The latest in social media platforms making a push for content concentration and accessibility, Instagram Stories is the biggest thing to hit social media in a few weeks.

So, are Instagram Stories going to usurp Snapchat and overtake the throne? Read on to learn more.

What is Instagram Stories?

From your Instagram dashboard, the new Instagram Stories feature is located at the top of the page.


Released on Aug. 2 of this year, Instagram Stories allows users to share a slideshow of their favorite moments from their entire day, instead of the ones a user wants to clean up and stick to their Instagram profile.

Each story is organized by the Instagram user’s profile photo and name. Simply click on a user you’re interested in, and you’ll be redirected to a moving slideshow of that Instagram user’s “story” for that day.

Sorted in reverse order, Instagram Stories showcases the newest posts from the people you follow on the Instagram platform at the head of the bar of stories. When a person posts to a story, the photos or videos uploaded will be available to followers for 24 hours before disappearing.

Why do Instagram Stories Matter?

Instagram has exploded for marketing purposes in recent years, and Instagram Stories is just one of the company’s most recent efforts to improve its offerings and make the platform more enjoyable and relevant to its users. In addition to the pure functionality aspect of Instagram Stories, it’s also clear that Instagram launched the feature in an attempt to compete with Snapchat Stories. While Snapchat has a reputation as being the preferred platform for teens and Tweens, Instagram’s story feature is designed to appeal to a different crowd – one that wants to use Instagram for marketing and brand development purposes, specifically.

How Marketers Are Using Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are a wonderful tool for all Instagram users, but they’re especially relevant for marketers.  The perfect place to showcase a brand’s daily efforts, meetings, faces, and activities, Instagram Stories allow companies to connect with their fans in a more intimate and unique way than ever before.

Designed to encourage Instagram users to post content more frequently, Instagram Stories reward brands and marketers who post often by displaying their Stories more prominently in the story bar. This, in turn, means they feature more prominently for followers and can help a brand increase its views and subsequent conversions.

What’s more, Instagram Stories have also taken an important step toward solving content overload. Before the development of the Stories feature, brands who wanted to post 20 or 24 times each day risked saturating their followers’ image feeds, and alienating people as a result. Today, however, it’s easy for brands to concentrate the majority of their daily content into a Story and avoid overloading their fans.

My Experience with Instagram Stories

So – we’ve come to the Snapchat versus Instagram debate. Here’s my two cents: I’ve been on Snapchat for about two months, and haven’t seen nearly as much exposure on my snaps as I have on my Instagram stories — which I just started publishing this week.

Since I’ve started using Instagram Stories for my content, I’ve seen double the views. To be fair, this may be simply because my Instagram following is larger than my Snapchat following. While I’ve been on Instagram longer and have made more efforts to grow that audience, I’ve only been with Snapchat for less than two months and haven’t worked too hard to increase followers on that platform yet.

This is a screenshot of an Instagram story I shared, a short 5-compilation of 30-second bits on why solid team members are hard to find and what makes up a rare breed. In 24 hours it had more than 40 views. I only have 600 followers and an Instagram that’s four months old, so that’s not bad—and far better than my Snapchat views!


As it stands now, I want to use Instagram to share content that’s relevant to my company’s expertise: content marketing. I think Instagram Stories is the perfect platform to do that, and I can see Instagram Stories taking over before we know it. After all, many marketers have a larger Instagram following than they do Snapchat followings, and it makes sense that professionals would rather leverage the new features of their most powerful platform, first. I’d be surprised if this wasn’t one of the largest driving factors in Instagram Stories becoming a dominant social media force over the next few months.

The Future of Instagram Stories

As a marketer and entrepreneur, I’m predicting that Instagram Stories will go big. In addition to the fact that so many marketers have a large Instagram presence, the platform is just a little cleaner than Snapchat. While many marketers swear by Snapchat, I’ve found that most people regard Instagram as being a little less fraught.

When you add this to the fact that Instagram Stories makes it incredibly easy for marketers to leverage their existing Instagram followings, it becomes clear that Instagram is on to something really, really good with this one. Simple, integrated, clean, and immediate, Instagram Stories is the perfect way for marketers and social media influencers alike to deliver streamlined, quality content to followers without overloading the feed or driving people away. Because of this, I do think it will overtake Snapchat Stories in the near future.

Now, it’s just a matter of making the best possible use of it.


Julia McCoy is a bestselling author of So You Think You Can Write, podcaster and an expert content marketer. She’s also the founder and CEO of Express Writers, a leading online content creation agency, with more than 60 content writers and strategists. Julia leads her team to serve hundreds of worldwide businesses with the highest-quality content for their online presence. Follow Julia’s blog.

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