Twitter, Facebook Make Pledge to Fight Bans in Turkey

Once again Turkey is banning the use of popular social media sites in its country when the companies do not comply, or comply fast enough, with its requests. Twitter, Facebook and YouTube were temporarily banned Monday after users of the sites began posting images of prosecutor Mehmet Selim Kiraz being threatened by two Marxist armed… read more »

Pakistan Bans WordPress Sites – Government Points to National Security Issues

Citing “national security related issues” the Pakinstan government, reportedly, has banned News quickly spread over the weekend of blogs hosted on WordPress not being accessible in Pakistan. It’s a surprising move considering WordPress is not known for controversy, but other sites have been blocked in the country with little explanation. It was the Pakistan… read more »

WhatsApp Bans Access of Its App Via WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp is enforcing a one-day ban for any of its users attempting to access its app through WhatsApp Plus, an unauthorized Android app. The messaging service said its actions against users of WhatsApp Plus was actually a move to safeguard them from having their private information accessed. The Facebook-owned app posted the following message in… read more »

Twitter Bans Sexually Explicit Videos on Vine

Twitter is taking the moral high road with video-sharing app Vine by banning explicit sexual content, a problem the site has struggled with almost since Day 1. The social network,┬áin a blog post, announced changes to the rules and terms of service of its six-second video-sharing app, adding that the modifications would not affect the… read more »