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Google Promises Solution to Keyword Not Provided, But How Useful Will It Be?
WordStream (blog)
You can still see search query for your data in Webmaster Tools (WMT), but it's a fraction of what it was in our keyword glory days. WMT cuts out third parties (like competing ad networks and web analytics solutions) from accessing the data, and doesn

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Icis: The Fashionista’s Solution to Computerized Spectacles

If you are intrigued by what Google Glass can do, but wouldn’t be caught dead wearing something so… well … geeky looking, Icis may be the solution.

Created by Laforge Optical CEO and founder Corey Mack, Icis is a more fashionable version of Glass.

The computerized but elegant glasses serve up display notifications from your phone, such as texts, tweets and even directions “around your field of vision.”

The glasses, which come in a variety of styles and colors, are compatible with Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Icis, a bluetooth accessory, “leverages the power and intelligence of your Smartphone” via Laforge’s app: SocialFlo. SocialFlo enables you to select which apps appear on your dashboard when wearing Icis.


“The Laforge team has completed several frames designs for the Icis and Icis BOLD lines,” reads the Indiegogo campaign launched by the company this week. “We are also currently testing other features that will be announced at later date. Additionally, we have selected the materials and textures that will make up the skins on the chassis. More colors, textures, and designs will be added at a later date.”

Laforge Optical is hoping to raise $80,000 via Indiegogo to help the project along. As of Thursday morning, $25,216 had been raised.

“After two years doing circuit layouts, design drawings, and traveling across the country to meet with prospective partners, we have reached the limits of what we can do with our resources,” the website reads.

“Quality products that demand a high-design language are not cheap and they require multiple prototypes to be built, tested, and destroyed. We need money for this process as well as a travel budget that will allow us to keep meeting with Eye Care Professionals. Some day soon we want you to be able to walk into an optometrists office and walk out an hour later wearing Icis.”

To discern if Icis will meet your needs, check out the graphic below:

Icis graphic

So far, Icis in not available for those who wear bifocals or trifocals.

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Icis: The Fashionista’s Solution to Computerized Spectacles


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Meet Bing Ads Express: The Auto-Pilot PPC Solution For Small Businesses

When it comes to marketing for small businesses, PPC is among the most leveraged and most profitable marketing channels out there. With smart PPC insights and some time spent on ongoing optimization, PPC can drive a ton of valuable leads and sales! Unfortunately, that’s also the challenge….

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