PC Numbers Down In First Quarter – Economy, Windows XP Support Blamed For Decline

Fewer PCs were shipped in the first quarter of 2014 when compared to the same period last year but the numbers, though down, are still better than analysts had projected.

Overall, 76.6 million units moved in the three months, that’s down 1.7 percent over the first three months of 2013. However, as reported by Gartner, the severity of the decline eased compared with the past seven quarters.

That ease can be linked to the end of XP support by Microsoft.

“All regions indicated a positive effect since the end of XP support stimulated the PC refresh of XP systems. Professional desktops, in particular, showed strength in the quarter,” Gartner principal analyst Mikako Kitagawa said in a press release. “Among key countries, Japan was greatly affected by the end of XP support, registering a 35 percent year-over-year increase in PC shipments. The growth was also boosted by sales tax change. We expect the impact of XP migration worldwide to continue throughout 2014.”

Numbers reported by the International Data Corporation were slightly different with a statement issued Wednesday stating 73.4 million units were shipped. Regardless of the difference, the XP factor was also pointed to as a contributing reason to number changes.

Loren Loverde, vice-president of Worldwide PC Trackers, pointed to the economy as also playing a role in the decline.

“The economic front seems to be gradually stabilizing and/or improving,” she said. “However, this has been a slow process, and it is unlikely that sovereign debt issues will be resolved soon or that growth in emerging markets like China will return to prior levels.

“On the technology front, the transition to more mobile devices and usage modes is unlikely to stop, although the short term impact on PC shipments may slow as tablet penetration rises – as we’ve begun to see in some mature regions. The net result remains consistent with our past forecasts – in particular, that there is potential for PC shipments to stabilize, but not much opportunity for growth.”

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PC Numbers Down In First Quarter


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AdWords Editor Version 10.4 Arrives With Bid Strategies Support

The PPC Twittersphere lit up today with word that Google dropped the latest version of AdWords Editor today. Here’s the lowdown on what’s new in Version 10.4. Bids and Bid Strategies: Much awaited, AdWords Editor now supports flexible bidding strategies. Users can update bid strategies…

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Tuesday Last Day of Support for Windows XP

Attention all Windows XP users: Tomorrow is the last day you will receive support for your software.

With Microsoft pulling support of the 13-year-old product there will be no more security updates and those who cling to Windows XP could well be in for a lot of headaches.

Tim Rains, director of Microsoft Trustworthy Computing, said once security updates for Windows XP stop, it will become risky to use the outdated software because it will be more vulnerable to hackers and other cyber-criminals.



“The importance of upgrading from Windows XP cannot be overstated,” Rains said. “We truly want people to understand the risks of running Windows XP after support ends and to recognize the security benefits of upgrading to a more modern operating system — one that includes the latest in security innovations, provides ongoing support and can in turn better protect them.”

According to computer expert Andrea Eldridge, CEO of Nerds On Call, those who are still running XP need to upgrade — now — to avoid being left vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

And, based on NetMarketShare stats, that is a lot of people — approximately 29 percent of computers users worldwide.

Eldridge said Windows 8 offers a number of benefits such as vastly improved security features, a super-fast boot up time and the constantly updated tiles of the Metro home screen.

“If you are hesitant to take on the more dramatic change of moving to Windows 8, consider upgrading to Windows 7. You can purchase a brand new PC and opt to have Windows 7 installed instead of Windows 8,” she said.


Microsoft image

“Windows 7 is a great, stable OS that is much safer than XP when it comes to malware vulnerability and it looks and navigates very much like XP. The main drawback is that it can be a bit of a resource hog, so just make sure you get a machine with a lot of RAM (at least 4GB).”

Microsoft announced last month a free transfer tool to help Windows XP users make the switch to a newer operating system. The free data migration tool, dubbed PCmover Express for Windows XP, comes to Microsoft customers courtesy of a partnership between the Redmond software firm and Laplink, a Bellevue, Wash. company.

The tool copies users’ files and settings from their Windows XP PC to a new device running Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1.

PCmover Express, which normally costs $29.95, is available for download via

Windows XP was released in 2001 and, although Microsoft originally planned to give it the axe back in 2010, its wildly unpopular replacement — Vista — convinced the company to hold off on discontinuing support for the older OS.

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Tuesday Last Day of Support for Windows XP


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Dating Website Calls on Members to Boycott Firefox – OKCupid Wants Resignation of CEO Brendan Eich for His Support of Proposition 8 Six Years Ago

OKCupid has no love for Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich.

In fact, the dating website is calling for the resignation of the new CEO and is asking its members to boycott Firefox until that happens.

OKCupid launched its anti-Mozilla campaign after learning Eich does not support gay marriage and, in fact, supported the passage of California’s Proposition 8, a state-wide initiative to ban gay marriage, with a $1,000 donation in 2008.

The dating site posted a letter on the company blog in such a way that every person who visits OKCupid via Firefox will first see the letter before entering the site.

Brendan Eich

Brendan Eich

The letter describes Eich as an opponent of equal rights for gay couples.

“If individuals like Mr. Eich had their way, then roughly eight percent of the relationships we’ve worked so hard to bring about would be illegal,” the missive reads.

“Equality for gay relationships is personally important to many of us here at OkCupid. But it’s professionally important to the entire company. OkCupid is for creating love. Those who seek to deny love and instead enforce misery, shame, and frustration are our enemies, and we wish them nothing but failure.”

Although OKCupid concedes that people can change — after all Eich made the contribution six years ago — the letter goes on to say that “Eich’s boilerplate statements in the time since make it seem like he has the same views now as he did then.”

“His donation was known to Mozilla at the time of his promotion, and, furthermore, CEOs are rewarded based on their company’s performance,” the letter reads. “The CEO is the visionary for a company and its products. We are sad to think that any OkCupid page loads would even indirectly contribute towards the success of an individual who supported Prop 8—and who for all we know would support it again. We wish Mozilla’s institutional commitment to freedom and openness were better reflected by their choice of leadership.”

OKCupid also included links so its users can download alternative Web browsers, either Chrome, Opera, Safari or Internet Explorer, which it called ‘Internet Exploder.’

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 7.32.36 AM

Mozilla, in response to the OKCupid’s campaign, released the following statement to the media:

“Mozilla supports equality for all, including marriage equality for LGBT couples. No matter who you are or who you love, everyone deserves the same rights and to be treated equally,” a spokesperson said, adding, “OKCupid never reached out to us to let us know of their intentions, nor to confirm facts.”

Eich, in a recent blog post, said he is committed to ensuring Mozilla is supportive and accepting of all, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, age, race, ethnicity, economic status or religion.

“I know there are concerns about my commitment to fostering equality and welcome for LGBT individuals at Mozilla,” reads Eich’s post. “I hope to lay those concerns to rest, first by making a set of commitments to you. More important, I want to lay them to rest by actions and results. A number of Mozillians, including LGBT individuals and allies, have stepped forward to offer guidance and assistance in this. I cannot thank you enough, and I ask for your ongoing help to make Mozilla a place of equality and welcome for all.”

Eich laid out the following four commitments:

  • Active commitment to equality in everything Mozilla does, from employment to events to community-building.
  • Working with LGBT communities and allies, to listen and learn what does and doesn’t make Mozilla supportive and welcoming.
  • An ongoing commitment to the company’s Community Participation Guidelines, its inclusive health benefits, its anti-discrimination policies, and the spirit that underlies all of these.
  • His own personal commitment to work on new initiatives to reach out to those who feel excluded or who have been marginalized in ways that makes their contributing to Mozilla and to open source difficult.

Despite Eich’s assurances, he has been lambasted for his beliefs by more than OKCupid.

Some well-known Web developers have also called for a boycott of Firefox unless Eich steps down. Hampton Catlin, app developer of Rarebit, expressed his feelings in a March 24 blog post.

“Today was supposed to be the day we launched a dictionary for Firefox phone, based on our Dictionary! app for iPhone and Android,” the blog post reads.

“Except it wasn’t to be. Today we were shocked to read that Brendan Eich has been appointed Mozilla CEO. As a gay couple who were unable to get married in California until recently, we morally cannot support a Foundation that would not only leave someone with hateful views in power, but will give them a promotion and put them in charge of the entire organization. Many people are outraged in a political way, and Michael and I thank all of you for being so supportive. But, for us, this is very, very personal.”

Some Mozilla employees have alsowent public with their feelings, calling for Eich’s resignation on Twitter.

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 7.55.42 AM

But not everyone, it seems, believes Eich should lose his job because of his personal beliefs.

A column in the LA Times by Karin Klein — who does, by the way, support gay marriage — described equality as a two-way street, not just for those with liberal ideas, and called the campaign against Eich discrimination.

“It would be pretty unthinkable for the CEO of a company to demand the resignation of employees because they supported political or social campaigns with which the boss disagreed,” she writes.“So what has given a number of Mozilla employees the idea that it’s OK to call for the company’s new chief executive to step down because he supported and contributed to the Proposition 8 campaign?

“Chief Executive Brendan Eich is entitled to the political views of his choice, and employees are entitled to theirs. Neither has anything to do with whether they should be allowed to hang onto their jobs or receive a raise or a promotion. I doubt any of these people who are outraged by Eich’s elevation would think it fair if the situation were reversed — if the new head of a corporation had contributed to the anti-Proposition 8 campaign and was detested for it by employees who felt same-sex marriage was wrong and wanted him to lose his job over it.”

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Dating Website Calls on Members to Boycott Firefox


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AppZero Funding to Assist Companies Join Cloud – Windows Server 2003 Support Nearing End

The cloud is about to get much bigger.

With thousands of businesses still operating on the Windows Server 2003 and support for that system nearing its end, those businesses are in need of some technological advances. That will come, with assistance from AppZero which just received $3 million to help those businesses move to the cloud.

AppZero released survey results last month revealing 40 percent of more than 200 Fortune 1,000 companies want to move to the cloud as part of their EOS remediation efforts.

Add to those results the major financial investment made by Progress Software founder Joe Alsop; Nigel Stokes of DataMirror; New Enterprise Associates (NEA) founder Frank A. Bonsal, Jr.; Canadian venture capital firm Covington Capital; unnamed Gold Bench Capital partners, who invested as individuals; and Matt Ocko of Data Collective, a big data-focused venture capital firm and you’ve got the perfect situation to rectify the problem.

“AppZero is the only technology that can ‘up-level’ production Windows applications onto a newer operating system,” said company CEO Greg O’Connor in a release. “We conducted the survey to size the problem because the choice people make in remediating this issue can affect their data center strategy for the foreseeable future. We felt that a majority would want to move to the cloud and modernize in one step.”

As reported by, the Boston-based AppZero is trying to make it fast and flexible for companies to move their Windows Server applications, allowing them to run natively on any version of any operating system, machine, or cloud.

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AppZero Funding to Assist Companies Join Cloud


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Israel Wants To Tax Google To Support Local Content Publishers

A new bill making its way to Israel’s parliament (the Knesset) would assess a tax of 7 percent on search engine ad revenues to subsidize local content publishers. The story was reported in the Financial Times. While it’s not explicit or exclusive to any individual company, the bill has been…

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New Video Codec Could Eliminate The Spinning Wheel – Google’s VP9 Gaining Support As CES Nears

Streaming may consume nearly half the amount of bandwidth with Google on the cusp of unveiling VP9.

The company announced it will debut VP9 video codec, a 4K video format, in Las Vegas next week. Google has been working with hardware producers so devices including televisions, Smartphones and computers can stream 4K content while using less bandwidth.

For example, videos on YouTube, through VP9, will start faster and streaming will take less time with definite improvements seen when it comes to HD video.

This is not a new step for Google. Back in 2010 it unleashed VP8 with the belief, then, being it would be the codec that all would rely on for streaming and communication. The industry, though, saw things differently. Hardware support was missing and competition quickly established their own formats meaning the codec failed to achieve its goal.

Expect something different this time.

When Google unveils VP9 at the Consumers Electronics Show in Las Vegas it will do so with the support of major names ranging from Sony, Toshiba, Samsung, Panasonic, Philips, LG and Sharp.

That’s not to say Google won’t be coming in to the market without competition. 4K video is also standard with H.265 which is being promoted by the International Telecommunications Union.

Francisco Varela, global director of platform partnerships at Google-owned YouTube, seems confident in the codec. Website quoted Varela as saying users, by 2015, will “be surprised every time you see that spinning wheel.”

The new format will allow videos to be shown at a higher resolution opening the door for device makers to stream those videos with much less bandwidth and buffering.

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New Video Codec Could Eliminate The Spinning Wheel


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