Samsung Denies Disabling of Windows Update Accusations

Samsung is denying reports that it has been disabling Windows Update on a number of the computers it sells — an action that could leave customers open to attack. Microsoft tech expert Patrick Barker, in a post on his personal blog, said he discovered that Samsung software had been downloading and running a Disable_Windowsupdate.exe file…. read more »

Skype for Android, iOS, Windows Falls Victim to Text Bug

Skype is the latest victim of a malicious text bug that is causing the chat service to crash for users on Windows, Android, and iOS devices. The bug comes in the form of the text ‘http://:’ and, once received, causes Skpe to crash any time the user tries to sign back in. Only Skype users… read more »

Windows 10 Bringing in New While Saying Goodbye to Some Old – Arrival on July 29 Means New Features But Some Old Favorites Won’t be Included

Microsoft is bringing the ‘personal’ back to PCs with Windows 10 but new features will also mean the sacrifice of some old favorites. In a blog entry Monday, Microsoft’s Terry Myerson announced Windows 10 will arrive on July 29 and when it does land it will be bringing in some pretty nifty upgrades. Those upgrades… read more »

Cortana Comes to iOS, Android – Phone Companion App on Windows 10 Can Sink All Devices, Despite the Make

Cortana is coming to iOS and Android as Microsoft looks to compete against other digital assistants: Apple’s Siri and Google Now. The Cortana iOS and Android apps will work in conjunction with the digital assistant on users’ Windows 10 PCs courtesy of the ‘Phone Companion’ app which aids them in installing the app from the Google… read more »

Microsoft has just announced all the different versions of Windows 10

Windows 10 is coming this summer in 190 countries and 111 languages. Today, we are excited to share more details on the Windows 10 Editions. View full post on WebmasterWorld

Seven Editions of Windows 10 on the Way

Microsoft has confirmed Windows 10 will be available in seven different editions to meet different user needs when it ships this fall. The different editions include desktop and mobile versions for homes and businesses, plus a version for the education system. “We designed Windows 10 to deliver a more personal computing experience across a range… read more »

Bleep Keeps Online Messages Free of Prying Eyes – BitTorrent Releases App for iOS, Mac and Windows Desktop, Updates Android

BitTorrent wants to help you keep your online conversations private. The company today debuted its anonymous messaging app Bleep for iOS, Mac and Windows desktop. It was available previously on Android, but today the firm launched major updates for all Android Smartphone and tablet users. Since the Android alpha release last September, the company has been… read more »

Skype Opens Translator Preview to All – But Program Will Only Work on PCs running Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 Preview

Microsoft has opened up Skype Translator as a Preview to the general public. But here’s the catch, you can only use the new software if you have a computer running Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 preview. “Shape the future of Skype by getting your video and voice calls translated as you talk, with this preview… read more »

Want to Flip Someone the Bird? Windows 10 Can Help

Microsoft wants to give you the middle finger. A middle finger emoji, that is. Windows 10 includes a middle finger emoji. The Redmond firm is offering us all the chance to flip the bird as part of Windows 10. The middle finger symbol is defaulted to a plain, medium gray, but can be customized according… read more »

Apple, Android Apps Welcomed to Windows 10 – Microsoft Makes it Easier for Developers to Merge Apps

Microsoft is opening Windows across a broad spectrum of devices. Satya Nadella In an aggressive move to make Windows 10 more accessible and friendly to developers and users, Microsoft unveiled it is releasing a variety of tools to assist developers in making the apps they’ve already created for Android and Apple to be easily converted… read more »