Cortana Leaps From Phone to Windows 10 – Digital Assistant Part of Latest Incarnation

Microsoft’s personal assistant is getting a promotion. During Wednesday’s big roll out of Windows 10, it was announced the company’s digital assistant, Cortana, will be joining the numerous new features on the operating system. The news didn’t come as a major surprise but was met with applause because it means the assistant will be taking… read more »

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Windows 10 Takes Operating System Across Devices – Will Be Free Upgrade to Those on Windows 7 and 8

A new window has opened for Microsoft and the view is pretty impressive. Windows 10 has officially been announced by the company and its coming with a major overhaul to Microsoft’s flagship program. From a new browser to impressive Xbox accessibility, it appears the company has almost returned to the drawing board to present the… read more »

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Microsoft Windows 10 Upgrade Offered For Free

Microsoft is keen to get users of Windows OS 7, 8, and Windows Phone onto Windows 10 with a free upgrade for the first year. View full post on WebmasterWorld

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Google Outs More Windows Vulnerabilities

Google, for the second time in one week, has publicly disclosed vulnerabilities in Windows, despite Microsoft’s warning that doing so leaves its customers susceptible to attack. Two bugs were posted by Google on its Project Zero tracker page, the more serious of which permits a hacker to pose as an authorized user, and then decrypt… read more »

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Microsoft Pulling Free Support for Windows 7

Time is running out for Windows 7. Free support for the popular operating system from Microsoft ends today. While it is not the end of the world for those whose computers run on Windows 7, it may make things more complicated — Microsoft will no longer help users of the system unless they are willing… read more »

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Microsoft Chastises Google for Reporting Windows Flaw – Redmond Firm Says Google’s Actions Put Customers at Risk of Cyber-Attack

Microsoft is calling foul after Google publicly posted the details of a Windows 8.1 vulnerability — a move the software giant says left its customers susceptible to attack. Google posted details of the flaw on its bug reporting site before Microsoft could issue a patch to fix the problem. And now Microsoft is calling Google… read more »

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Microsoft to Debut New Web Browser with Windows 10 Next Fall: Report

Microsoft will not just be launching Windows 10 next fall, but a brand new Web browser too. The project, which is codenamed ‘Spartan,’ will offer up a browser that works much like Firefox or Chrome, ZDnet is reporting. Windows 10 will ship with both Spartan and IE11 — the new IE “for backward-compatibility’s sake” while… read more »

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Windows 10 Event Set for Jan. 21

Microsoft is hosting a special Windows 10 event Jan. 21 at its Redmond, WA campus. CEO Satya Nadella, operating systems chief Terry Myerson and Operating Systems Group corporate vice-president Joe Belfiore will all attend the RSVP event that will detail “the next chapter” of Windows 10. The company offered its first peak at its next… read more »

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Windows 10 Expected This Summer – Operating System Will Include Cortana Software

Double digits are coming for Windows. It appears, based on comments made by Microsoft‘s chief operating officer Kevin Turner, that Windows 10 will be coming to computers in the late summer or early fall of 2015. Turner said as much during a speech at a Credit Suisse conference in Arizona this past week. Turner, CNet… read more »

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Windows 8.1 Overtakes XP and Breaks 10% Mark for First Time Globally in … – Rock Hill Herald (press release)

Windows 8.1 Overtakes XP and Breaks 10% Mark for First Time Globally in …Rock Hill Herald (press release)SAN FRANCISCO & DUBLIN — Windows 8.1 has broken the 10% mark and overtaken XP for the first time globally in terms of internet usage according to StatCounter, the independent website analytics company. The report from the company's… read more »

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