Want to Flip Someone the Bird? Windows 10 Can Help

Microsoft wants to give you the middle finger. A middle finger emoji, that is. Windows 10 includes a middle finger emoji. The Redmond firm is offering us all the chance to flip the bird as part of Windows 10. The middle finger symbol is defaulted to a plain, medium gray, but can be customized according… read more »

Apple, Android Apps Welcomed to Windows 10 – Microsoft Makes it Easier for Developers to Merge Apps

Microsoft is opening Windows across a broad spectrum of devices. Satya Nadella In an aggressive move to make Windows 10 more accessible and friendly to developers and users, Microsoft unveiled it is releasing a variety of tools to assist developers in making the apps they’ve already created for Android and Apple to be easily converted… read more »

Windows Security Flaw Revealed

A vulnerability on all Windows PCs, tablets and servers, including those running previews of the upcoming Windows 10 operating system, has been discovered by a security company. In a post on its blog, Cylance said the flaw is directly related to a failing first discovered in the operating system in 1997 causing Windows to automatically provide… read more »

5 Windows Programs that I cannot live without – Ghacks Technology News

Ghacks Technology News 5 Windows Programs that I cannot live withoutGhacks Technology NewsFor instance, programs can reveal if a user is a webmaster or developer, privacy or security conscious, or interested in entertainment more than anything else. The favorite programs, applications that you cannot live without and use regularly, may … View full post on… read more »

Microsoft Releases First Windows 10 Preview with ‘Spartan’ Browser

Windows testers will get an early preview of the ‘Spartan’ browser. View full post on WebmasterWorld

Windows 10 Launches Summer 2015

Windows 10 will be available this summer in 190 countries and 111 languages. View full post on WebmasterWorld

Face, Eye, Fingerprints Will Unlock Windows 10 Devices – Increased Security Part of Windows Hello

Your body is your password thanks to a new feature added to Windows 10. Image courtesy of (Stuart Miles) / While iris scans and fingerprints aren’t a new idea in terms of increased security for computers, they are a new approach for Microsoft. The company is promoting the use of biometric authentication as a… read more »

Windows 10 to launch this summer

Windows 10 will be available this summer in 190 countries and 111 languages View full post on WebmasterWorld

Microsoft Ushering Out Internet Explorer, Windows 10 to Feature New Browser

Internet Explorer (IE) will not be part of Windows 10, a Microsoft executive has confirmed. When Windows 10 launches this fall, it will usher in a brand new Web browser, currently codenamed Project Spartan, marketing chief Chris Capossela said during Microsoft’s Convergence conference in Atlanta on Monday. “We’re now researching what the new brand, or… read more »

Microsoft blocks bogus Windows Live SSL certificate that opened door to man-in … – PCWorld

PCWorld Microsoft blocks bogus Windows Live SSL certificate that opened door to man-in …PCWorldThe “domain control validation” can be done in several ways, one of which is through an email sent to one of several generic admin type email addresses: admin@, administrator@, postmaster@, hostmaster@ or webmaster@. It's not clear which of those …Bogus SSL certificate… read more »